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Oppression is cooking being “women’s work,” while the overwhelming majority of top restaurant chefs are male.

Oppression is fashion being a “silly girl thing,” while the top earning designers and CEOs in fashion are male.

Oppression is reducing women to consumers profiting a male system, even in fields that we supposedly dominate.

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fight the good fight, boys


fight the good fight, boys

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How To Talk To Babies About Marxist Theory
  • BABY: [builds tower with blocks]
  • ME: ok this is very good
  • under capitalism massive building projects are constructed through wage slavery
  • and through their sheer size and scale intimidate and pacify the masses
  • so this is a great comment
  • BABY: [knocks over tower]
  • ME: that’s right
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Teachers are often unaware of the gender distribution of talk in their classrooms. They usually consider that they give equal amounts of attention to girls and boys, and it is only when they make a tape recording that they realize that boys are dominating the interactions. Dale Spender, an Australian feminist who has been a strong advocate of female rights in this area, noted that teachers who tried to restore the balance by deliberately ‘favouring’ the girls were astounded to find that despite their efforts they continued to devote more time to the boys in their classrooms. Another study reported that a male science teacher who managed to create an atmosphere in which girls and boys contributed more equally to discussion felt that he was devoting 90 per cent of his attention to the girls. And so did his male pupils. They complained vociferously that the girls were getting too much talking time.

In other public contexts, too, such as seminars and debates, when women and men are deliberately given an equal amount of the highly valued talking time, there is often a perception that they are getting more than their fair share. Dale Spender explains this as follows:

“The talkativeness of women has been gauged in comparison not with men but with silence. Women have not been judged on the grounds of whether they talk more than men, but of whether they talk more than silent women.”

In other words, if women talk at all, this may be perceived as ‘too much’ by men who expect them to provide a silent, decorative background in many social contexts.

PBS: Language as Prejudice - Myth #6: Women Talk Too Much (via misandry-mermaid)

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The Only Cool Girl by Hark! A Vagrant

now the janitor is walking by and judging me for being in the lounge alone and on my laptop at 9 am. excuse me sir, but you would do this too if your other option was calling your parents while your roommate makes out with some guy in the background

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Casually doing my hair and makeup in the lounge cause my roommate’s guest doesn’t feel like leaving yet

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Buy these posters and find more from the amazing Repeal Hyde Art Project!

They are so amazing and speak so many truths - when I have my own clinic I’m going to put all of them up on the walls.  So beautiful!

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Who wants a tattoo choker? I’m gonna give away 3. Your choice is either pink or like green. They’re handmade so they aren’t perfect

I do I do I do!!!

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i wish i was the marketing advisor for the city of normal, illinois so i could suggest a line of Keep Normal Weird merchandise

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Stephen James


Stephen James

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I want to believe

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